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  • Identity
  • Interactive UI prototyping
  • Web Design
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In the middle of 2015 we received a request from a young startup called Inselly. At the time they were at a crossroads in the development of their service and needed to make a qualitative upgrade; a full redesign of their logotype and user interface. Working with fashion products it’s quite important to also sport a fashionable design. Inselly is an Instagram marketplace that enables you to sell your stuff online easily. Just take a photo, assign a hashtag to it, and voila! Your product will immediately show up on, ready for purchase and delivery.

Handcrafted logotype design

At we have devised a brand-new and handcrafted logotype for Inselly. One of the aspects we’ve focused on during the process was to imbue it with a sense of familiarity. We wanted it to evoke associations with Instagram itself, mainly because the bulk of Inselly’s clients was arriving from there. At the same time we also wanted to add a unique touch with the lettering, which turned out to be a tricky process. Eventually we’ve selected the perfect variant from a great multitude of others.

Working on Inselly Logotype. Drafts.
Main Inselly Logotype version

Interactive Prototyping

Continuing our work we’ve designed an interactive prototype of the project. We’ve analyzed and improved upon the existing informational architecture and navigational logic of the website, so that it would be easier for the users to locate and subsequently order the products they are searching for. Wireframing is a very important process since it saves a lot of time later on both for designersand developers. As well, the client can see the underlying logic of the project and can suggestchanges while they are still easy to implement.

Working on User Interface Interactive Prototype.

Web Design & Development

On the basis of the approved interactive prototype over 70 UI screens were designed.Working on the UI we chose a minimalistic, fashion-oriented style that highlights the individual products and important functionality of the website, while the rest of the interface is not visually distracting.

Over 70 screens and UI elements were designed for by studio

The final stage of the project was the coding in HTML/Java Script of all the previously designed screens, which were then passed on to the client’s department of development to be integrated and implementedin the front-end and back-end of the website. Further support and maintenance of the website is now managed by the client.

The redesign of the service received a lot of very positive feedback from Inselly’s userbase and partners, and also helped the client to elevate their service onto a significantly higher level.

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